Hi, my name is Maddie, I used to be someone's pet a long time ago, until my owners didn't want me anymore, and I was left to fend for myself in the cold streets of northern Wisconsin. I holed up in my future families barn, and ate their garbage late at night when they were sleeping. Leaving them to think it was a raccoon. I later got pregnant, and the below freezing temperatures made it harder to provide for my babies and for myself. The mother of the household who had the barn saw that I was freezing and hungry. So to gain our trust, she gave us food and milk everyday. Until one -40 degree day, I wasn't so sure I'd survive.


I was too cold to go on, with frozen tears in my eyes I laid on the concrete in front of my-now families garage. The lady of the house found me, wrapped me up and brought me into the house. I am very fortunate and thankful for my new family. My babies were also brought inside the house as well, and then I had grandbabies! Now we are all fixed, and have our shots. We are so happy in our new home. All it takes is one kind person to change your life forever. It did mine!


My name is Callie. I was hit by a pickup on a cold day in April. I was hissy and in pain and the men who hit me didn't know what to do, so they put me in the bed of the pickup and brought me to Cat Advocates. Sarah from Cat Advocates rushed me to Dr. Paul's Animal Clinic and he determined I was in severe shock, extremely malnourished and had a dislocated hip. His advice was to wait and see. "Cats are pretty good at healing," he said. 

Sarah took me home and kept a close eye on me, treated me with antibiotics for a bad eye infection and fed me tasty food. For the first week, I hissed when she tried to pet me. But soon, I gave in and started to purr. Then I realized I love people and became a super snuggler!


Meanwhile, I was walking a little bit more every day. After about three weeks I was able to jump up on the bed. By the beginning of July, I was able to be out and about playing with the rest of the cats at the rescue - and I had a ball! I got along with every cat - even the ones who are grumpy with everyone else. 

Just yesterday, I walked up to Sarah's piano student and charmed my way into a new forever home. I am not used to the dog, but I'm sure it will be ok. I've been through a lot worse. >^..^<


Georgie was surrendered by her owner who has since passed away. She was very lonely without her familiar surroundings and her human mom, but after a few months at the rescue, she was adopted by a family. The new family said she reminded them of a cat they once had and it was a perfect match. 

Georgie has two siblings who look a lot like her, Simon and Samantha, who are still looking for homes. They are beautiful with soft, gray hair and sweet personalities. 

These stories have a happy ending, but there are so many more that need our help.
All donations are appreciated.
  • $10 vaccinates one cat.
  • $50 fixes and vaccinates one cat.
  • Food donations will help feed hungry colonies through the winter.
  • $10 a month is enough to sterilize and vaccinate 2 cats per year.
Together, we can make a better life for these cats and our communities.

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